Design management consulting

Our mission is to increase the awareness and satisfaction of your client/user experiences.

This means to increase the level of satisfaction in relation with your companies products/services and image. Overall we work on the trust and comprehensibility of your organization. We call this brand experience.

Increased brand experience leads to a better understanding of products and services and therefor increased success.

Your design plays an important role in this because it acts as the interface between the consumer/user and their needs.

Our project approach

In most cases the project is structured in phases and will be adapted to your specific needs.

  1. Design diagnostic
    Analyzing the status quo, understand the client and detecting opportunities. Deliver recommendations which design aspects could be improved.
  2. Strategy
    Setting up a strategy how to achieve the new goals. Proposal of design experts that are the best suited to the projects needs. The design expert can be your existing agency or designer. Setting up indicators to measure the impact of the design changes.
  3. Design 
    Design the solutions with the design experts.
  4. Implementation
    Creation and testing the proposals and implementation in the structure of the company. Hands on project management.
  5. Follow up
    Depending on the project a follow-up can be necessary.

How does this work in reality?

After an analysis, a couple of discussions and meetings with staff and management we will deliver a design diagnostic with opportunities and recommendations. In average this takes 2-3 man-days.

An internal company workgroup/team will be assigned.

Together with the team, decisions will be taken about what projects have priority. The next steps are the development of a plan of action with a related budget proposal. Our local and international network of design experts gives the enterprise the possibility to meet the best designers according to their needs.

A project will be successful if all stakeholders participate in a collective manner this is why we work closely together with the enterprise.
We help setting up co-creation workshops that deliver the most adequate solutions to innovate your organization.

Why working with us?

Often enterprises or organizations do not have the time and the competences to manage design innovation projects. They are aware it is necessary and important, but it is not part of their company’s “DNA”. We can step in and respond to this “gap”.

Often a company does not have the “neutral”, “fresh” and “open view” of what the client’s needs are. We help finding the real needs and improve your client’s satisfaction. This can be small improvements to disruptive new designed products and/or services.

Often the management team lacks of design experts. How can they judge the quality what agencies or designers deliver? We give constructive and neutral feedback.

Often the design-brief is not well defined and ends in unsatisfactory (costly) results. We help setting up your design-brief to get the most effective outcome.

Every designer/agency has different skills and expertise. Often the entreprise does not know which expert designer to choose. We have an local and international network of expert designers that fit to your needs and are happy to bring you in contact with.